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authUSB Safe Door

"authUSB Safe Door is a protection tool composed of hardware and software capable of identifying, neutralizing and recording hardware, software and electrical (USB Killer) attacks carried out through USB devices.
authUSB Safe Door acts as a bridge or link between the host device and USB devices. It becomes the only point of entry of USB memories on computers and within organizations"

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Citious Team

"Saas marketing platform for smart personalization that offers personalized content to each client automatically, increasing the conversion rate of online stores"

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Data Monitoring

"Development of IoT solutions. Acquisition, analysis and exploitation of data obtained through sensors. Big Data."

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Eccocar Sharing

"Fleet Management and Car Sharing solutions for companies, dealers and rent-a-cars"

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Emérita Legal

"The first ranking of lawyers by litigation success based on the analysis of the legal BigData with Artificial Intelligence."

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ERTHA Surfboards

"parametric Digital Design, Indusrialized manufacture, certifed sustainability = High performance Surfboards. Our proposal of ECO-sustainable tables"

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Inmake studio

"Inmake studio is a company that mixes the design engineering and additive manufacturing fields to obtain the most efficient results of this tecnology."

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"Inprosec Auto specializes in three areas of cybersecurity: Assessment for legal and regulatory compliance of information security (ISO 27001, VDA-ISA and GDPR) including awareness and training talks, cybersecurity in industrial systems 4.0 and security in products such as connected vehicle"

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Lightbee Mobility

"Lightbee Mobility emerges as a company that generates added value to the introduction of Solid State Lighting (LEDs) in vehicles and opens an opportunity for the integration of wireless optical links by Visible Light Communications technology. The VLC technology allows establishing itself as a complementary technology to existing V2X communications, providing the following advantages: Immunity and high data privacy, No Doppler effect, Improved driving safety (braking, signals). It also allows the use of VLC technology as a differentiating element in industry 4.0 by adding a complementary communication channel where current radio frequency systems do not work well. We add access where frequency inhibitors do not allow wireless communications"

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"centralized built-in service for network and production processes monitoring, that allows the detection and prevention of problems in real time in a simple and scalable way. It allows the management and control of your company from customized dashboards and reports adapted to your needs"

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"YOUR ONLINE PREPARATOR - Online platform for the preparation of public exams"

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"as lovers of nature, healthy food and rural Galician, we feel that there is nothing more grateful than work with our hands in the ground; that is why in 2012 we decided to start Orballo and offer you 100% ecological products of the best quality. 100% ecological products. Consuming organic products improves the quality of life and the health of people. That's why we make sure that Orballo's crops do not include pesticides, herbicides or synthetic chemicals that in many cases are so harmful to health. 100% sustainable products. We are lovers of nature and biodiversity. That is why we take into account the impact of each of our actions. We avoid the use of non-recyclable or single-use materials in our products. Products 100% quality. We take care of the entire process, so we guarantee that our raw material is collected at the optimum moment and processed with the utmost care"

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"data, our obsession is data. And the images, of course. It is said: A picture is worth a thousand words. But words as it is are overrated. You can speak for hours or write hundred sheets with no sense. I need data! This is the operations control room! We love data transformation to improve your results with visual information. OVIXIA: Dynamic video with variable data to empower your sales and enrich your goals with your clients"

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"PsicoVR is a virtual reality software developed to be used by psychologists in the treatment of phobias and disorders like stress, anxiety or panic. Its immersion capacity transports the patient to specific scenes created in a world where anything can be controlled"

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Qubiotech Health Intelligence

"neuroimaging cloud platform for diagnostic aid"

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Send2me Last Mile

"Send2me nace con el objetivo de que el repartidor de paquetería pueda dejar tu compra online aunque tu no estés en casa. ¿Te imaginas volver a disponer de tú tiempo mientras tus paquetes esperan por ti?"

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Siccae Ventures

"Siccae Ventures is the umbrella under which different vertically managed digital fashion brands are housed. We identify, validate and express online trends"

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"Situm is a leading provider of high precision/minimal infrastructure indoor positioning, delivering to any mobile user their position in any venue"

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VMS Automotive

"VMS desarrolla un vehículo de tres ruedas totalmente eléctrico que incorpora novedades tecnológicas, de conectividad y de seguridad que hacen de ella una alternativa totalmente rompedora. Un vehículo diseñado para garantizar una experiencia de usuario única hasta el momento, y que redefinirá un nuevo nivel de seguridad en este tipo de transporte."

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3P Ventures

"WeKAb es la primera plataforma especializada en formadores y expertos del ámbito de la formación para el empleo o “lifelong learning”. En WeKAb ”Conectamos conocimiento” poniendo en contacto a formadores y empresas formadoras, de forma ágil, y con el factor reputación como eje central."

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XOIA Software Development

"Xoia develops solutions based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology for Industry 4.0, health, culture and tourism or retail."

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